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Because advertising and printed material arrives on the desktop of a potential client or customer before you, it acts as an ambassador, communicating a great deal before you arrive on the scene. The recipient(s) of your company’s brochure, flier and sales promotion material draws conclusions based on the design, quality of materials and the message itself.

What do you want to have happen as a result of a prospect’s interaction with your organization’s promotional material? Does it accurately represent your priorities and talents? These are questions Ideaologists ask before considering which advertising, direct marketing or sales promotion tools are best matched to the results that are sought.

We then match the right resources with the assignment at hand. Contact us for an actual sample of our work.


Business Development

We admit it, Ideaologists do not fit the mold. We love the intricacies of business development. We wade into complicated RFPs, devouring the details and looking for opportunities to win the business, not just answer the questions. Strategic thinking and writing is our specialty. We delight in the things that cause you to reach for a bottle of Excedrin.

Ideaologists have managed business development initiatives for such prospects as Ford of Mexico, Pella Windows, Steelcase, Champion Spark Plugs, Cedar Point, Compuware, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Michigan Tourism, Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, Du Pont Engineering Polymers, Kroger Corporation, Michigan Bell Telephone, Michigan Consolidated Gas Co., Century 21 Great Lakes Division, Care Choices HMO, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.

Beyond our strategic writing, we can assist your business development efforts in these ways:


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