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C2C Solutions www.C2C-solutions.com

C2C Solutions specializes in the "fuzzy front end” of the product development process with training and coaching in proven, state-of-the-art systematic innovation methods. From voice of customer research to advanced methods for innovation, unique selling proposition generation, ideation, technical problem solving, and concept generation, this firm helps companies deliver more value to customers through product development best practices used by industry leaders.


Landmark Education www.landmarkeducation.com

Dedicated to innovation and human potential, Landmark Education’s courses and seminars empower participants to operate powerfully in a rapidly changing world. Our favorite courses include the Landmark Forum, Self Expression and Leadership, Communication: The Power to Create, Team Management and Leadership, Wisdom, Partnership, Power and Contribution. Landmark Education is a global enterprise with 43 centers in the United States and abroad.


TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) www.ted.com

Bodacious innovators from around the globe meet in Monterey, CA each February to hear the most fascinating people in the world discuss something they are passionate about in the area of technology, entertainment and design. Every speaker is involved in some cutting edge endeavor. Topics range from art and music, to architecture, engineering, medicine, computer technologies, biology, economics, design, literature and entertainment. These are the things you’ll be talking about in three to five years. Most importantly, you get to swap ideas with those who bring their ideas to bear.


Up With People www.upwithpeople.org

How’s this for innovation of epic proportions? Every year these folks create a new, originally written, produced and choreographed two-hour musical extravaganza. In five week’s time, they train an entirely new cast of amateurs which is sent off on a six month, worldwide tour. These young people, from everywhere in the world, set up, strike and manage their own stage, sound system, lights, costumes and promotion.

Up With People is an international organization dedicated to promoting human understanding through music and community involvement. Casts of young adults travel the world, staying with host families to create cross-cultural bonds. Up With People casts have performed on every continent and places experiencing political unrest or natural disasters such as China, Northern Ireland and Africa.


Waldorf Education www.awsna.org

For those committed to education that cultivates creative and critical thinking and a capacity to bring holistic solutions to bear, Waldorf schools are a tremendous find. Founded in 1919 in Germany by Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf is the fastest growing educational network in the world, with schools on every continent and 150 in North America. Schools are affiliated with the Associated Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). Learning how these capacities are preserved and cultivated in children will help you understand how they can be restored in adults!

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